An Interview With Schizo

Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for the Clout Culture zine. Can you please introduce your self and tell us a little bit about what you do?

Of course man I’m rocking with what you do. I’m schizo, I’m a singer and I’m a part of Doom Division.

Where you involved in other genres before you started getting involved in hiphop?

When I was real young I was doing jazz and piano work and as I got older I got really into hardcore, beatdown, and emo music.

Oh nice. Tell me about Doom Division. Who's all in it? Who started it?

Doom Division at the moment, beside myself is Spookikage, Jack Acid, Mobilesuit, and The Machine That Took My Family It wasn’t necessarily started by any of us, we just finally decided to make our affiliation a brand and a movement To be clear on DD, it’s not a band or a group but a collection of individual artists, Doom is our platform

Thats very cool. I'll do my best to cop interviews with everyone else in your collective to show my support. What's your local scene like? Pros? Cons?

The Arizona scene is tight, at least I thought it was until I left to do shows out of state. Like most local scenes it’s tight knit, with the exception of new people coming out and getting involved. Lots of other artists showing their support but doom ourselves are lucky to have a cult like following going out here haha. The bright side out here is how big the Phoenix area is and how many people there are to reach within our niche. The cons are definitely fake support, haters, sauce biters, general douchebaggery lmao. But I love it here this is home but I’m really trying not to think locally these days. The worlds my oyster type shit.

Bet! You seem to really understand music marketing. Thats impressive. If you could go on tour with anybody in the world. Who would be on the bill. And where would you go?

Wow man honestly I love my boys in ColdWorldGang and the Division, wed all have to rock together. Headliner would be my bro Lil Raven and we’d fuck it up just about anywhere. I really want to see more of the east coast for sure but I would also love to see Japan Keep it in the family type shit haha

Forsure. I hope you know what a blessing that is. To have a tight pack like that. It's rare. Who are some of the bigger influences behind your sound?

I think things changed a lot of me when I found famous dex. I really lightened up about how seriously I took my sound and things changed drastically. I kind of came about singing more than rapping as I became more relaxed with my style, and my self. So really all the wavy Mfs and all the pretty Mfs like me lmao. There’s a big list needless to name all of them. Influences that change you as a person are much better and stronger than the ones that affect the sound, the sound should be a reflection of ourselves in my opinion.

Aye thats very wise. I know what you mean. I don't sound like the people I look up to either but i definitely try to learn from their good character. The world is just to shitty of a place to look up to someone who is sus or allow my self to be that way. Good on you for keeping it 100. So I noticed you were just in NYC. How was that? Whats their scene like?

I was really home out there. My first feature was from there, my first true friend, people I really love. It’s an amazing place. I think I’m going to move there within the year. I was shocked to see all of us in doom had the same amount of supporters and people out there as we do at home, if not more. Can’t wait to get back out there and continue networking and get shit popping with our family out there. You can really go out there and grab life by the balls. Folks out there are definitely not hollywood. They’re supportive and it’s a fair exchange of love and energy. Greatest place in the world. I know I’m gassing it up but seriously.

Oh man that does sound amazing. Sheit one day i'll make it out there. Sounds like your experience was inspirational. So other than a possible move. What are your plans for 2019? Albums? Music Videos? Collabs?

My real debut album, I want to keep moving heavy with the singles that people get jammed in their head and come out to my shows and sing. A lot more of that and definitely music videos. The album needs to take off so I’m taking my time with it so the people can get the proper product, I have something kind of on the hush about it’s release. It’s gotta really take off. I dream about a Shinigami feature that’s a goal I wish to manifest next year. Merch is coming really soon. Everything is really just becoming a reality now, I feel like I’m really in the beginning of a real career with this shit. Hella out of state shows and a tour or maybe a few lol. I love this momentum right now it’s a great kick to begin 2019.

Keep that movement going fam! Sounds like your destined for great things. Where can our readers check out your music and follow you?

I’m still big SoundCloud gang, you can find me at I’m on Instagram as well @Schizo_Az Schizo. Instagram : Schizo_Az Inquiries:

As we wrap this up. Is there anything else you would like our readers to take with them? And thank you for your time. I'll follow up with you in a few months!

Yes of course, I just want to show my gratitude to all of my supporters, my day ones and even my new family, of course without them I would still just be some guy making songs. Your love and support is everything to me. Also want to remind everyone to believe in their vision, I’m still figuring this all out but I know at least one thing is true, all we want and need is provided to us through our dedication and focused energy so never give up. Love you all.

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