An Interview With Xvnnie clvus

Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for Clout Culture. Can you please introduce your self to our readers?(answer at your own pace. Does not need to be completed all at once)

Stoked to be workin with y’all mane. My name is xvnnie clvus aka cowboy from hell underground rap artist out of Dallas Texas. I make music for the pissed off underground kids who come from broken homes or drug abuse and the outcast alternative hardcore/punk kids to knock each other around at shows.

I feel that. How long you been making music. And what genres were you working in? Has it always just been rap?

It hasn’t always been rap no. I started fuckin with rap around 2012. Some homies and I would freestyle over Houston S.U.C kinda beats high as hell and that’s how I came up with my ridiculous name. Before all of this rap stuff I came from the metal core/hardcore scene till about 2013 since I was 12 in ‘05. I played guitar for a bunch of bands and just kinda use my skill of managing myself from metal/hardcore to reach out now with this scene. I just kinda started taking things more serious for this hip hop scene about a year to almost 2 years now.

Awesome. Same here. Who gets bragging rights for helping get you to where you are now?

I do mainly everything myself with shows and promo etc until recently joining grvnge gang.Tyler hall (torchface) of grxm mafia kinda helped me guide through this underground scene and educating me on what’s poppin at the moment when I was putting out my first couple singles and stuff. Still till this day I’m venturing off to different kinds shows from hard rap, metal/hardcore shows, or even to emo shows. So honestly everything I’ve gotten for plays and awesome shows I put myself on and figured out ways to get my name seen. Still hoping for more growth in the near future I’m not too hungry to rush anything for sure.

As far as rap goes. What artists are you inspired by?

S.U.C r.i.p screw n r.i.p pimp c, swisha house, and a big Memphis influence, three six, tommy wright III, Gucci, young Jeezy, and some of my hometown heroes like DSR, big tuck, c struggs(r.i.p). Then with this new ish wave I fuck with the sesh movement pretty heavily, omen xiii with his work ethic and same with my best homie Texxan(lil texxan)with his drive he is one of the most inspirational artist to be around.

If you could go on tour with anyone in the world who would be on the bill? And what cities would you hit?

Man that’s so hard i would have to set it up as a festival tour w/ sesh, omen xiii, corbin black (spooky black) w/ Bobby raps, shakewell, tommy wright III,juicy j, Craig xen, lil Texxan, choirboydank, iamblaize, hxrman, w my team grvnge grvnge, maybe some metal bands too like my bros in IAM, kublai khan and power trip. Hit all Texas, Cali, AZ, Colorado, Richmond VA, NC, NY and would love to also hit Canada and New Zealand with something like that too. Honestly will pull at ya grannies and play in the living room idgaf lol

Haha hell yea! What are your plans for 2018?

You mean 2019?

Yes haha I'm faded.

We all are baby g. Mane honestly just to make this bread for my family and drop more music then I can handle and have a blast while doin it. I’m all for taking over this underground scene and spreading positivity all through out this music scene. I’m all about spreading love and ready for more growth. Honestly I’m barely ready for this next year. Got a lot of cool shits in the works much I can’t speak on but mad blessing for sure. Very excited for the future and for everyone to hear what I have in store for y’all

I'm sure you're gonna kick ass. I like to keep these interviews short and sweet so they stay fresh in the readers mind. As we wrap this up. Is there anything else you want our readers to take with them. And where can we follow / check out your tunes?

Just want everyone to chase they dreams and stay by their families no matter what. Don’t stop skating don’t quit your band and don’t stop rapping producing/rapping/djing. Keep the music alive and stay humble and watch out for snakes along the way. You can find all my stuff anywhere by searching XVNNIE CLVUS. Appreciate y’all reaching out.

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