Interview with Lil Broken Heart

Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for clout culture. Could you please introduce your self to our readers

I’m Lil </3 aka Lil Broken Heart the Co-CEO of my own label I’ve started Mischief Record. I’m from Kernersville, NC the bootyhole of the tre4 Mischief Records*

What are your goals for the label? Do you currently have artists signed?

My ultimate goal is to get all of my day ones out of this hick ass state. When I first started this ting a little over a year ago Sean Whyte aka Dre $ama And myself had just had a group fall apart. This time we were going to let it repeat because we recognized the talent we all had. Mischief Records is now it’s own army of artists we have 10 recording artists signed a a painter as odd as it sounds.

You have a painter signed? That's not odd we got some people signed to our label that don't rap as well. What sub-genre would you categorize your self under. And what about everyone else in your label?

yeah we do. We’ve tried to step outside of the conventional box they have around Labels out here in North Carolina. We try our best to be different. We call what we do “Druggie Soul Music” our on take on HipHop, Rap with a Little Rock even. Right now the artists we have touring are myself Lil </3, Dre $ama my other CEO and producer, A Former Child, Alpha Wollf and Cedric James

I've heard of a few of these people. What would be your dream tour?

My dream tour would definitely be an international tour ✨ To be able to go somewhere completely new to me where they know no English they only English they know are the words to my songs That’s My dream tourr Next year we’ve got a Australia tour ✨ Who would be on it? My whole collective so far ✨💖✨

How long have you been rapping and who makes your beats?

I’ve only been doing this rap thing serious for 2 years but I’ve always been around the metal scene my whole upbringing. Rap just came into my life and I fell in love as soon as it did. And my CO-CEO Dre $ama aka Sean Whyte and also Trex a producer, engineer and a DJ I met from upstate New York 🌠✨🌠 What are your plans for the rest of 2018? Well as of now we are going to be doing shows with IDONTKNOWJEFFERY and also OmenXIII. Within the span of those shows my collective has 2 whole group tapes on the way and my debut album drops this Fall. I’ll also be moving to LA within a week to start our movement out there and get us somewhere other than where I’m from

Sounds good man! Solid ass plan. Who are some of your biggest influences in the underground right now?

My biggest influence has been Lil Peep for years now I’ve always admired how he could always express his pain and sorrow in such a way you found beautiful and could relate. But if we’re talking about influence in the underground I’d Juice Wrld

Lil Peep will always represent the underground to me especially our corner of it.

RIP He was an Icon, a Legend, and will love forever LongLivePeepForInfinity

Who gets bragging rights for helping yiu get to thw point your at now? Who really supported you the most?

Honestly 5 people. One would be Ruben Brooks my engineer he put me in his studio and made me feel comfortable to record in a professional setting and thought me a lot also he’s the only engineer I use. Second would be Ed E Ruger without him I would have never started performing he’s always show nothing but love for me and our whole city I wouldn’t have opened for the artists I opened for if he didn’t open the door for me. 3rd and 4th and 5th are my close friends Chris aka Alpha Wollf, Sean aka Dre $ama, And Dhruba aka A Former Child without them I would have overdosed and I wouldn’t have seen the beauty in life it’s self I owe those 3 my life

When will you be dropping your next album?

Well I’m dropping it at the very end of fall where all the flowers are dead and it’s cold

As we wrap this up is there anything else you would like to add? Y

es their are a few things. Mischief Records is the NEXT record label on the rise from the East Coase. If you want to work with me or book me and my label email my manager

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