Revenge of the Nobody - Lil Hotspot

One this festive day of hallows eve Los Angeles local Lil Hotspot drops his new album Revenge Of The Nobody.

The album starts off with an eerie back track / movie quote that flosses the Title of the release.

Leaning into track two, Lil Hotspot's dark side is revealed. "Black Trench Coat Switch Blade" repeated and arranged in a way that make this hook burn its self into the inner walls of my brain. Followed up by some raw bars, Lil Hotspot and Deathbedlulaby go in on why you prolly should not throw shade their way. "Holster your weapon or you might have a bad day"

Track 3. A clip plays that brings me crashing back down to earth. This song reminds me of the codependency I've developed on drugs before. Back in the day when i was "Young and dumb" A very relatable track that is probably going to get through to a lot of people.

Maintaining the balance, the next song has a higher frequency. A hype track that had me wanting to mosh right here in my computer chair. Living his life to the fullest is an every day ritual for Lil Hotspot. If I was to make a breakfast playlist to help me get ready for the day. This track would be high up on the list.

A Feature with Eddy Baker drops. Track 5 is a chill boss type track that had me wanting to count money with a condescending look on my face to a beat prod. by ISEEHELL

The next song is really a flex on Lil Hotspots character. Hard work, bitches, and high end threads. Dude got his priorities in order.

The final track hits. I wasn't ready for this album to come to an end. I was really hoping for another banging track with gritty raw sounds and boss undertones. But I was still pleased with what I heard, even though it was just an audio clip. And let me mention, this clip is 110% relevant. There really are 2 types of musicians out there. And the fact that he even brought it up to close his release tells me which one he is.

In an era of music where nobody really has purpose anymore. This release hit my hears like a breath of fresh air. Personally, I love this album. Im going to be adding my favorite tracks to playlist. I give it 10 out of 10 pentagrams. Raw gritty tones that really represent the underground in a beautiful way. Relatable content. Primo beats. And epic features. Good job man!